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A Light-Hearted Satire Reflecting the Realities of Modern Immigrants in America


On April 21, the premiere of Andrey Pfleger's play, based on Alexander Khvilivitzky's enigmatic piece titled "1230 KEKS," took place. Prior to the performance, the creators steadfastly refused to reveal the secret behind this unusual "code." Thus, there was no better option than to attend the play itself and, while sitting in the audience, decipher this riddle.

What unfolded during the performance? The audience was filled with enthusiasm, immersed in a comedic narrative for two hours. The atmosphere of the stage instantly transports you. Laughter fills the room. Chuckles arise from the familiar, from something once heard or read. After all, everyday life situations are perceived quite differently from the spectator's seat.

The storyline of this act unfolds in the studio of a small urban radio station in the town of Springfield, unexpectedly struck by the most unpredictable and comical events. What happens on stage? The spectators become participants in various situations at "1230 KEKS." They witness what is broadcasted and what happens "behind the scenes" (which, of course, is the most interesting part).

Modern audiences can be quite demanding. When they come to the theater today, they expect to see not only the actors' performance but also stunning set designs that enhance reality and create a sense of presence, along with impressive lighting and sound. It's hard to believe that you can make an impression on a discerning audience without these elements. However, the play "1230 KEKS" proved otherwise. The absence of constantly changing sets did not hinder the audience from enjoying the action on stage; on the contrary, it allowed the audience to immerse themselves even further into the events.

The production includes interviews, parodies, advertisements, news, banter, and pranks, as well as grotesque elements, musical numbers, intrigue, and disagreements. The characters are vivid, charismatic, daring individuals with different backgrounds, stories, and, most importantly, a great sense of humor.