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In the USA, the world's first Barbie-themed amusement park will be opened.


The announcement of the opening of a new "doll" themed amusement park was made by Mattel, the company that produces the iconic toys. This was influenced by the success of Greta Gerwig's movie "Barbie."

What will be in the new park?

  • State-of-the-art Barbie hologram, allowing visitors to create their ideal wardrobe.
  • "Flying Theater" technology that will take guests on a journey to all the places Barbie has ever been.
  • Barbie's Beach House, with a rooftop view of the entire park.
  • Signature pink cocktails.
  • Rides and interactive entertainment dedicated to other Mattel favorites.
  • And many other interactive experiences for a full immersion into the doll world.

The massive Mattel Adventure Park in the style of "Barbie" will become part of the VAI Resort. It will be the largest resort in Arizona, with over 1100 hotel rooms and suites, 12 high-class restaurants, a modern concert venue, a pool, and the country's most artificial island.

By the way, anyone interested can follow the construction progress of the "Barbie" park in real-time.


Also, it's worth mentioning that Turkish entrepreneurs are once again urging authorities to ban "all-inclusive" packages. The main reason is the minimal income generated from tourists who opt for such services.