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The architectural wonder, Sphere, in Las Vegas, is not only impressive in terms of its appearance, but also leaves visitors shocked with its drink prices.


People are going crazy over how beautiful and unusual the modern architectural marvel, Sphere, in Las Vegas looks. However, the prices there can also leave you shocked, as reported by Brobible.

The $2 billion Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is a true modern wonder. The building stands at a height of 111.5 meters with a width of 157.3 meters. Its exterior is covered with 1.2 million LED blocks the size of a hockey puck, and each of these blocks contains 48 LEDs displaying 256 colors. The giant screen can showcase dynamic images, likely some of the largest in the world. Grand shows and events are held here.

One such event is "Postcard from Earth," a "science-fiction journey into our future" by director Darren Aronofsky. This is also where a series of concerts by the legendary rock band U2 began.

Almost any event a person attends at Sphere becomes a visual shock. Apparently, the prices are shocking as well.

On October 9th, someone on Reddit posted a photo of drink prices inside Sphere. Before heading there, make sure your credit card has enough funds.

Here's how much the drinks cost: $30 for a "signature" cocktail, $20 for a margarita, $18 or $19 for draft beer, $20 for a glass of wine, $14 for a "souvenir" soda, and $7 for water — all of this adds up to a pretty decent sum.

"That's why we drink elsewhere before going to Sphere," one person commented. "I tell everyone the cheapest place to drink in Vegas is Walgreens," suggested another.

Again, we're talking about Vegas, so this is quite expected.

Especially when you see the drink prices at the "Florida Panthers" game... Suddenly, the prices at Sphere seem almost reasonable, don't they?