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Nostalgic Reflections: Morgan Fairchild Cherishes Memories of TV Son Matthew Perry, the Audience's 'Best Friend'


Fond Remembrances: Morgan Fairchild Reflects on TV Son Matthew Perry, "Friends'" Beloved Chandler Bing

In a heartfelt tribute, actress Morgan Fairchild, known for her role as Nora Bing, Chandler Bing's mother on "Friends," shared poignant memories of the late Matthew Perry during an appearance on "CNN This Morning." Perry passed away at the age of 54 at his Los Angeles home on Saturday.

Recalling her initial days on the "Friends" set, Fairchild reminisced about the time when the show had not yet become a massive hit. She vividly described Perry bounding over to her, exuding enthusiasm like a "big puppy," recounting his visits to the sets of "Flamingo Road" and "Falcon Crest" with his father, actor John Bennett Perry. Fairchild was struck by the realization that the young Perry she now worked with was the same little boy she had encountered on those sets.

Describing Matthew Perry as "warm," "wonderful," "funny," and "creative," Fairchild expressed surprise that nearly 30 years had passed since their collaboration on "Friends." She spoke about the unique bond forged between Perry and the audience, with him becoming the viewers' "best friend" and someone they aspired to befriend.

Fairchild commended Perry's courage in openly addressing his struggles with addiction, as documented in his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir." She praised him for choosing to share his challenges with the world, viewing it as one of the most endearing aspects of his character.

Reflecting on Perry's legacy, Fairchild emphasized his bravery in making a public effort to help others by being honest about his life. She noted that beyond the joy he brought to people through his acting, Perry's outreach and willingness to tackle life's difficulties resonated deeply with his audience.

Fairchild, now receiving condolences from "Friends" viewers who still associate her with the role of "Chandler's mom," described Perry as an endearing, fun, and wonderful person. Concluding her tribute, she sent love and condolences to Perry's family, acknowledging the profound impact he had on millions of fans who continue to remember him as an integral part of their lives.

In conclusion, Morgan Fairchild's heartfelt reflections on Matthew Perry offer a poignant glimpse into the camaraderie and warmth that characterized their time together on the set of "Friends." Fairchild, known for her role as Chandler Bing's mother, fondly recalled Perry's exuberance and described him as a "warm," "wonderful," and "creative" individual.

The actress marveled at the enduring connection Perry forged with the audience, portraying him as the viewers' "best friend" and a figure many aspired to know personally. Fairchild highlighted Perry's bravery in openly addressing his struggles with addiction, commending his decision to share his challenges in his memoir as one of the most endearing aspects of his character.

As Fairchild continues to receive condolences from fans who still associate her with the beloved "Chandler's mom," she emphasized Perry's lasting impact. She expressed love and condolences to Perry's family, acknowledging his significant role in the lives of millions who remember him not just as an actor but as a friend.

In this heartfelt tribute, Fairchild captured the essence of Matthew Perry's legacy, celebrating not only his contributions to entertainment but also his courage in confronting personal challenges and his enduring connection with a global audience.