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Scientists have found a way to increase the effectiveness of cancer tumor removal surgeries.


Scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States have developed a new fluorescent visualization technology that will enhance the effectiveness of tumor removal surgeries. The research findings have been published in the journal Nature.

The precise removal of a tumor while preserving healthy tissue in a patient requires exceptional accuracy. During surgery, surgeons must determine where to make an incision on their own. The new technology is a visualization tool that combines the use of high-precision cameras and fluorescent injections to distinguish tumor tissue from normal tissue in various types of cancer.

Fluorescent visualization is a procedure in which fluorescent molecules are introduced into tumor tissue, causing it to glow. This makes the edges of the tumor visible. The new technique involves the use of advanced microscopy, which allows for even clearer differentiation between healthy and tumor tissue.

Scientists have already tested the technology on tissue samples from 60 patients with different types of cancer. The accuracy in determining the boundaries of cancerous tumors was 97%. Furthermore, the system was able to distinguish between benign lymph node tumors and metastatic ones.