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Washington State Could Become One of Seven New Hydrogen Production Hubs in the US


US President Joe Biden has announced plans to establish seven regional hydrogen production hubs, marking a significant step in the decarbonization efforts of the United States.

Hydrogen is considered a cleaner fuel compared to fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal.

"I'm here to announce one of the largest investments in advanced manufacturing in the country's history. Seven billion dollars in federal investment will leverage $40 billion in private investment in clean hydrogen energy," President Biden stated during a trip to Pennsylvania.

The seven hubs will be located in the Mid-Atlantic, Appalachia, California, Houston, the Midwest, and the Pacific Northwest.

One of the local centers may be situated in Washington State, Oregon, or Montana. Administration representatives have stated that they are still determining the exact location.

Some environmental groups have criticized the plan, claiming that it will lead to further use of fossil fuels and prolong the life of this industry.

"These hubs are about bringing people across state lines, across industries, across political parties to build a stronger, more resilient economy and to rebuild our communities," President Biden said.

Companies like Exxon and Amazon will be involved in the project.

An administration spokesperson indicated that hubs utilizing methane gas for hydrogen production will be equipped with carbon capture technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The goal is to increase clean hydrogen production in the United States by 500% by 2050