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Social Media Erupts as Fans Go Wild: Soccer Star Refutes Claims of Co-Writing New Drake Song


As Drake unleashed his latest track, "Wick Man," into the musical arena last Friday, ardent fans eagerly scrutinized the credit list, only to be met with a surprising revelation. Among the credited co-writers stood the name 'K. De Bruyne,' sparking a social media maelstrom of speculation about whether Belgian football maestro Kevin De Bruyne had secretly contributed to the rapper's chart-topping creation during his injury-induced hiatus.

Amid the mounting conjecture, De Bruyne took to X, previously known as Twitter, to playfully quash the swirling rumors. In a tweet, he teased, "@Drake needed an assist," injecting a dose of humor into the conjecture. However, swiftly dousing the flames of speculation, he clarified, "All jokes aside, it's not me! Huge fan though!" The midfield virtuoso is currently sidelined, nursing an injury suffered on the Premier League's opening day in August.

Despite De Bruyne's absence from the pitch, his team, Manchester City, maintains its perch atop the league standings. Nevertheless, teammate Erling Haaland couldn't resist adding a cryptic layer to the narrative. Responding to De Bruyne's jest about Drake requiring an assist, Haaland cryptically remarked, "not alone."

De Bruyne, heralded as one of the preeminent creative midfielders in global soccer, boasts a remarkable feat in his repertoire. He stands as the quickest player in history to amass 100 assists in the Premier League, currently boasting an impressive tally of 102—a testament to his enduring impact on the sport.

In the harmonious blend of music and sport, the intriguing saga surrounding Drake's "Wick Man" and the unexpected mention of 'K. De Bruyne' reaches a crescendo. Kevin De Bruyne's good-natured denial on social media adds a touch of levity to the speculation, dispelling the notion that the soccer maestro lent his creative prowess to the chart-topping track during his injury-induced hiatus.

As De Bruyne focuses on his recovery from the sidelines, the banter between teammates, exemplified by Erling Haaland's cryptic "not alone" remark, adds an enigmatic layer to the narrative. Manchester City's continued success on the pitch, despite De Bruyne's absence, underscores the team's resilience and depth.

In the world where beats meet goals, the intersection of Drake's musical realm and De Bruyne's soccer prowess becomes a momentary spectacle. The midfielder's indelible mark on the Premier League's assist records stands as a testament to his enduring influence, reminding fans that whether on the field or in the studio, the magic of collaboration remains a captivating spectacle for enthusiasts of both realms.