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Challenging the Wellness Industry: Unveiling the Truth with One Artist's Bold Mission


Nora Turato's Bold Artistic Critique: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Wellness Industry

Amidst the incessant buzz of positivity and productivity, artist Nora Turato finds herself grappling with the concept of authenticity. With a critical eye on the wellness industry, she questions the efficacy of positive affirmations, the allure of productivity, and the promises of longevity pushers and life coaches. In her latest solo exhibition, "it’s not true!!! stop lying!" at Sprüth Magers’ Los Angeles gallery, Turato delivers a powerful rebuke to the pervasive narratives of self-development and self-optimization.

For the past two years, the Croatian artist has immersed herself in what she describes as "the collective unconscious on the internet." Through her exploration of language and information assimilation in today's oversaturated digital landscape, Turato confronts the myriad influences shaping our perceptions — from advertising slogans to personal text messages, from social media content to news headlines.

Drawing inspiration from this analysis, Turato crafts intricate works encompassing books, text-based panels, and performances showcased in prestigious institutions like Vienna’s Secession Building and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her acclaimed one-woman monologue "pool 5" captivated audiences with its rapid-fire transformations, where Turato seamlessly embodies various personas, from marketing kingmakers to fraudulent fortune tellers.

Rooted in her background as a graphic designer, Turato's typographical presentation adds depth to her artistic expression, elevating each linguistic titbit into a thought-provoking statement. With each performance and exhibition, Turato challenges viewers to confront the illusions propagated by the wellness industry, urging them to interrogate the narratives that shape their perceptions of self and society.

As she continues to push the boundaries of artistic critique, Nora Turato emerges as a fearless voice challenging the status quo and shedding light on the intricacies of contemporary culture. Through her work, she invites audiences to question, reflect, and ultimately reclaim agency over their own narratives in an increasingly complex world.

Nora Turato: Challenging Perspectives Through Artistic Mirror

In her bold artistic endeavors, Nora Turato boldly challenges societal norms and the pervasive influence of advertising techniques, reminiscent of the groundbreaking work of American artist Barbara Kruger. Drawing from her background in graphic design and her upbringing in post-communist Zagreb, Turato's art reflects a unique blend of millennial sensibilities and critical examination of hyper-capitalist societies.

Born in a country she describes as "in-between," Turato's formative years in Zagreb have left an indelible mark on her perspective. A penchant for performance since childhood, where she would mimic a radio, adds depth to her artistic expression. Through her thought-provoking exhibitions, Turato confronts viewers with a mirror, challenging them to question the systems that shape their lives.

For Philomene Magers, co-founder of Sprüth Magers, Turato's work serves as a powerful reflection of contemporary society. With her latest exhibition, "it’s not true!!! stop lying!" in Los Angeles, Turato explores her own skepticism towards the pervasive narratives of self-optimization. In a city synonymous with the pursuit of wellness and authenticity, Turato's provocative installations, enamel panels, and wall paintings invite viewers to reconsider their notions of identity and truth.

As Turato collaborates with Hollywood dialect coach Julie Adams, delving deeper into the nuances of voice and self-expression, her art becomes not only a platform for introspection but also a catalyst for societal reflection. Through her relentless pursuit of authenticity and her willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, Turato emerges as a leading voice in contemporary art, sparking conversations and inspiring change in the ever-evolving landscape of culture and identity.

Nora Turato: Navigating the Maze of Self-Optimization

In her quest for self-discovery and introspection, Nora Turato delves deep into the realm of wellness practices, exploring a myriad of therapeutic modalities from Tomatis sound therapy to Holotropic breathwork. As both consumer and critic, Turato grapples with conflicting viewpoints, embodying the complexities of modern-day self-improvement.

Her performance at the opening of the LA show encapsulated this duality, oscillating between the personas of an evangelical wellness guru and a vulnerable, introspective individual. Turato's journey towards self-optimization has led her to embrace a digital detox, disconnecting from the online world and opting for a simpler, offline existence.

Reflecting on her newfound offline lifestyle, Turato acknowledges a potential reduction in anxiety and anticipates embarking on a 10-day hike into the Mojave Desert with her husband. Yet, she remains uncertain about how this transition will influence her artistic endeavors.

As "it’s not true!!! stop lying!" continues its run at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles, Turato's exploration of authenticity, identity, and self-discovery resonates deeply with audiences. Whether this offline phase is temporary or enduring, one thing remains certain: Turato's journey promises to be an intriguing and thought-provoking chapter in her ongoing artistic evolution.

In conclusion, Nora Turato's journey through the maze of self-optimization offers a compelling narrative of introspection, critique, and transformation. From her exploration of various therapeutic modalities to her embrace of digital detox and offline living, Turato embodies the complexities of modern-day wellness culture.

As her exhibition "it’s not true!!! stop lying!" continues to captivate audiences at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles, Turato's introspective journey serves as a poignant reminder of the nuanced relationship between self-improvement and authenticity. Whether navigating the realms of consumerism or challenging societal norms, Turato's artistic endeavors provoke introspection and dialogue, inviting viewers to question their own perceptions of identity and well-being.

As she embarks on a 10-day hike into the Mojave Desert, Turato's offline phase marks a pivotal moment in her artistic evolution. While the impact of this transition on her work remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Turato's ongoing exploration of self-discovery and authenticity promises to inspire and provoke thought in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.