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Eurostar's 30-year monopoly on rail services under the English Channel may come to an end as Evolyn plans to launch its first trains between London and Paris as early as 2025.


Evolyn, a competitor to Eurostar, aims to operate its first train service from London to Paris in 2025. A representative from Evolyn stated that this would be the first instance of competition in the market after Eurostar's 30-year monopoly.

On Wednesday, the company announced that it had agreed to purchase 12 trains from the French train manufacturer Alstom, with the potential for the fleet to expand to 16 trains in the future, as stated in Evolyn's announcement.

Alstom confirmed in an email that it is in talks with Evolyn but did not provide further details. The total investment in the Evolyn project amounts to £1 billion, with trains expected to begin operating in 2025 and full service by 2026.

The ownership or shareholding of this consortium involves French and British partners, including industrialists, investment funds, financiers, experienced railway professionals, and international funds interested in the project. The specific investors and their stakes have not been disclosed yet.

Evolyn's CEO, Jorge Cosmen, comes from a family of Spanish industrialists who have made significant investments in the British company Mobico, formerly known as National Express.

Eurostar is a profitable company that connects London with continental Europe via high-speed rail lines. In 2022, it reported a record profit of €332 million. In June, the company stated that passenger volumes on the London-Netherlands route had more than doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels.

However, from June 2024, this popular route may be temporarily closed due to maintenance work at Amsterdam's main railway station.

Getlink, the French operator of the Channel Tunnel infrastructure, noted that Evolyn's announcement "confirms the growth potential of the passenger rail market through the Channel." According to the company, the infrastructure can handle nearly twice as much rail traffic as it currently accommodates.

Evolyn plans to establish direct rail services between London's St Pancras station and Paris's Gare du Nord station. While stops in northern France may be added in the future, no other routes are currently planned. The plan has been in development for three years.