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Update on Jayland Walker Shooting: Eight Akron Police Officers Involved Return to Active Duty


In a controversial turn of events, the eight Ohio police officers involved in the tragic shooting death of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man, during a traffic stop last summer, have resumed active duty. The decision follows a grand jury's choice not to indict any of the officers, as confirmed by Akron Police Capt. Michael Miller in an email to CNN on Tuesday.

Miller stated, "Based on the independent investigation conducted by BCI and the Summit County grand jury’s decision not to indict, all eight officers are back on full-time, active duty," referring to Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He mentioned that the department's internal investigation is in its final stages and undergoing legal review, with an anticipated release by the end of November.

The incident occurred on June 27, 2022, when Akron police attempted to stop Walker for traffic and equipment violations while he was driving a 2005 Buick. During a subsequent police chase, a gunshot was fired from Walker's vehicle, prompting officers to deploy Tasers unsuccessfully. Walker exited his car and fled on foot, eventually turning towards the pursuing officers, who opened fire, resulting in his death.

According to an autopsy by Summit County medical examiner Dr. Lisa Kohler, Walker suffered 46 gunshot entrance wounds or graze injuries. The family expressed dismay through their attorney, Bobby DiCello, emphasizing concerns about the city's handling of the incident. The family's statement reads, "The Walker family is saddened by the way in which they continue to be ignored by the City of Akron," questioning the lack of communication from city leadership regarding the officers' reinstatement.

In April, a grand jury ruled in favor of the officers, deeming their use of force against Walker legally justified, according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. Despite the decision, Walker's family is pursuing justice through a civil lawsuit against the city, alleging excessive force and highlighting a "culture of violence and racism at the City of Akron’s Police Department." The case continues to be a focal point in the ongoing national conversation surrounding police accountability and reform.

In their quest for justice, Jayland Walker's family is pursuing a significant legal action, seeking a minimum of $45 million in damages. The lawsuit outlines a poignant demand of "$1 million for each bullet that struck Jayland Walker," emphasizing the gravity of the tragedy. Alongside the city, multiple members of the Akron Police Department find themselves named as defendants in this legal undertaking, underscoring the family's insistence on accountability.

This substantial claim not only reflects the profound emotional toll endured by the Walker family but also seeks to address the broader systemic issues within the Akron Police Department that they believe contributed to the tragic events. The mention of individual damages for each bullet amplifies the family's poignant plea for recognition of the magnitude of their loss.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the spotlight on this case intensifies, prompting a critical examination of police conduct and the pursuit of justice in the face of deeply troubling circumstances. CNN's Polo Sandoval has contributed to the comprehensive coverage of this evolving story.

In conclusion, the legal pursuit initiated by Jayland Walker's family unfolds as a poignant quest for justice, marked by a resolute demand for at least $45 million in damages. The symbolic "$1 million for each bullet that struck Jayland Walker" underscores the profound impact of the tragedy on the family and amplifies their call for accountability.

This legal action extends beyond the individual officers involved, encompassing the city and specific members of the Akron Police Department as defendants. The family's decision to seek substantial damages not only reflects their personal anguish but also serves as a pointed critique of systemic issues within the police department.

As the case progresses, it continues to cast a spotlight on the broader conversation surrounding police conduct, accountability, and the pursuit of justice in the face of deeply troubling circumstances. The contribution of CNN's Polo Sandoval to the report underscores the significance of this story within the ongoing national discourse. The unfolding legal proceedings will likely have far-reaching implications, contributing to a continued examination of the complexities surrounding law enforcement practices and the pursuit of justice in contemporary society.