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The suspect in the murder of two Swedes in Brussels has died from gunshot wounds.


A 45-year-old Tunisian national suspected of killing two Swedish citizens in Brussels has succumbed to injuries sustained during a shootout with the police, as reported by Belgian media.

The man, who had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, passed away in the hospital. The Federal Prosecutor's Office of Belgium confirmed the death of the perpetrator of the shooting in Brussels, as announced by the country's crisis center on Tuesday.

Earlier, a video surfaced online in which the presumed perpetrator claimed responsibility for the incident, stating that he was a member of the "Islamic State."

Minister of Internal Affairs Annelis Verlinden stated, "The weapon used in the attacks was found this morning at the location of this person's arrest. We are checking fingerprints to be 100% certain."

During the incident on Monday, the shooter also injured another Swedish citizen. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo referred to the incident as a brutal terrorist attack.

Authorities have raised the security level in the capital to the highest level, increasing police presence. They have urged the public to remain vigilant and avoid unnecessary travel.

The assailant, who had unsuccessfully sought asylum in Belgium in November 2019, was known to the police for involvement in human trafficking and illegal residency in the country, according to Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne.

In August, Sweden raised its terrorism threat level to the second-highest after the burning of the Quran and other actions against the sacred book of Islam had outraged Muslims and led to threats from jihadists.

The suspected shooter, who identified himself as Abdessalem al-Ghilani in his video, claimed that he killed Swedes to avenge Muslims.

The shooting occurred amid heightened concerns in Europe due to the Israel-Hamas conflict, although the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium stated that there is no evidence linking the shooter to the ongoing Middle East conflict.