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During the famous putsch [coup d’etat] of the State Emergency Committee [GKChP] in Moscow in August 1991, several hundred Russian emigrants lived in the Rossiya Hotel. They came [by the highest invitation and permission of the CPSU’s Central Committee] to the First Congress of Compatriots. (In 2001, Putin held the “first” – as they are now mentioning everywhere – congress of compatriots – already in the Russian Federation, already under his auspices. That “first” – Soviet – congress seemed to never exist. It’s funny how everything works in Saltykov-Shchedrin’s country.)

So, the Shevyakov-Prokhorov gang (organized criminal group) arrived at the hotel to rob foreigners. The gang was connected with the figure of Boris Karlovich Pugo, a big lover of jewelry – like Misha Prokhorov-‘Yaponchik’.

Robbery was the gang’s favorite pastime since the mid-1970s. They robbed Moscow stars (including V. S. Vysotsky, it is well known to People’s Artist of the USSR Larisa Udovichenko). They robbed – ask Yulia Menshova – she is a storehouse of knowledge about Soviet elite life – L. I. Brezhnev [imagine!], they robbed K. U. Chernenko (Prokhorov took the gun – he loves weapons very much). They robbed shadow "hacks" of different nations (including murders among Chechens – N. Solzhenitsyna's friend Tanya Korolkova participated in this – ask millionaire Ruslan Baysarov about his aunt – he knows).

[By the way, instead of shooting Nemtsov and Paul Klebnikov, the Chechens would have killed such real haters of Chechens as Korolkova, Egorova, Malikov, Moskvin, Prokhorov, Shevyakov – they waged a CRIMINAL WAR in Chechnya, with weapons, against Chechen women and children.]

Now it was the turn of the ideological enemies of the party bosses – the “White emigrants”. The gang robbed them in their rooms like suckers – just some foreigners. Then this gang did not suspect that many dollar millionaires from abroad came to “Russia” hotel. Not everyone in the USSR knows about this. However, the gang is still “out of their depth” – millions were in US banks, and Cartier tiaras were in safes overseas.

And guess what? Who is the main lover of tiaras, necklaces, diamonds and earrings? There are many of them, but the main ones are K. Orbakaite “with her mother” Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, great and terrible – like in the land of Oz, or Dreams, or Roses (with thorns) – and their friend “Mulka” or “Malyuta” (do you know the “Dancing Queen” video?) aka Dima Malikov. Malikov is a princess (not a prince) of the Soviet stage (he puts on women’s jewelry – like Prokhorov, Shevyakov, Strakhov, Moskvin, Pugo).

How was it possible to rob the rooms of foreigners in a secured hotel – it was on the balance sheet of the KGB??? Katya Vilkova doesn’t know, but Anya Mikhalkova found out…

The bandits took the keys to the rooms directly from the concierges downstairs, in the main lobby. There were concierges on the floors as well. In general, according to Malikov’s stories (his memoirs about VIP crimes under communism, under Yeltsin and under Putin will become a bestseller, but he will not write them), A. Pugacheva was also given the keys. I, of course, was not present there, the claims were made by Malyuta (he does not respect Pugacheva).

Malikov approached Pugacheva in the main lobby, took from her room keys, passed some bags back and forth, took wads of (Soviet) money from her right in the lobby. All this happened during the day – as well as robberies in the rooms. Wallets, clothes, cameras, jewelry, if any, and even suitcases full of things were stolen. Orbakaite WANTS the mother to be mentioned in this story with the Rossiya Hotel. They have a very complicated relationship – “daughters and mothers”. Kristina is still surprised that her mother beat her as a child. Alla is evil, everyone knows this, not only “Sofka” Rotaru, who suffered from her anger.

This gang is like the Makhnovists. Anarchy (not monarchy) is the mother of “order” for them. This gang – as we remember, ‘worke’d with the members of the Politburo – was happy about the “1991 revolution” with tanks. They thought (and were happy) that Gorbachev would be killed – and, of course, “anything is possible” for them. [They were mistaken – they did NOT kill Gorbachev, as they wanted, they killed the pederast Pugo, their acquaintance – they all know who killed or did not kill him.]

Volodya Kryuchkov lost everything – and the gang periodically harassed him in the 1990s at the dacha, where he closed the cucumbers for the winter. Dimusya Malikov (Malyuta) gossips that “Hook” had files on the gang’s members, on Strakhov, for example (who was already having hot sex with Pugacheva, Moskvin and Malikov), on Shevyakov. Malikov says that Kryuchkov’s dacha was raided and he was robbed. He doesn’t give details – what, how much, who, etc. They wanted folders with papers. Strakhov's folder contained his photographs. Malyuta, who was humiliated by the pederast Pugo, also had a file on him.


Let’s return to the hotel. Along with everyone else, Viktor Moskvin, now an “academician” of the Academy of Natural Sciences (is history a natural science???) walked around the hotel. (In the Russian Academy of Sciences you need to be a Doctor of Science to become an academician$ Moskvin is not a Doctor.) He went together…. Together “with his own” folks – with his friends, lovers and accomplices in raids “on communists” (and on non-party people too) from the beginning of the 1980s.

Moskvin is a typical Soviet thief from the remote Soviet past. He is not white, not an anti-communist, like “Isai”. Just a thief and a murderer. He stole from white people along with these damaged actors and actresses. Natalia Solzhenitsyna is a werewolf, a corrupt official. She knows about this gang and is complicit in their affairs. She should also be imprisoned in the zone. The House of Russian Abroad is headed by a thief and a Soviet bandit, the lover of “member of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Young Communist League of Young Communists” Leshchenko (both are “anti-Semites”). This is a deliberate deception of Russians abroad. When will our compatriots understand this??? And Mrs Solzhenitsyna deliberately keeps the criminal Moskvin on the “White Guard” (and Vlasov – which is completely ridiculous) feeding trough. [Ilya Glazunov definitely dreamed that Moskvin would be imprisoned in the zone.]

I lived in the Rossiya Hotel – it turns out, together with American millionaires. I myself and my relatives were beaten and robbed more than once by the same freaks who beat US citizens, the Mosfilm’s actresses, and members of the CPSU Central Committee. Anarchy, lawlessness...

The gang robbed rooms during the day, when “foreigners” were leaving for conferences and “round tables” – to chat about such a worthless matter as Russian religious philosophy… The bandits came to the hotel at least TWICE.

In the hotel there were Leshchenko, Strakhov, Zhulin (who had already died), Bondarchuk (I saw him myself – in a chair in the main foyer, then I didn’t know who he was), Malikov, Menshova, Alentova, Galkin, etc. Oleg Menshikov was also involved in this – he knows what I mean. He is afraid to open his mouth a lot; he was beaten more than once. This guy knows a LOT about raids on VIPs over the last 30 years. The elder Mikhalkovs know all this, Ilya Glazunov knew it, even Patriarch Alexy knew it, Yanaev and others from the “committee for saving the fatherland” from perestroika and freedom knew it.

Lydia Dmitrieva instantly flew to Moscow from Tomsk for the coup (the air ticket cost only 50 rubles at that time) – the mistress of many bandits, a prostitute, in other words, a drug addict and thief. Why, such a “sabantuy” was planned in Moscow – the murder of the “goat” Gorbachev! What would it be like without Dmitrieva! I know this wretched thief, she was supposedly a “student of [Marxist] philosophy”. Malikov and Yakovleva cannot stand her. Malikov wants her to be completely exposed. Dmitrieva also robbed rooms.

As Sergei Mikhalkov told me, “Everyone knows Dmitrieva”. Everyone are his son, daughter-in-law, Mrs Solzhenitsyna, Mrs Pugacheva and daughter, the Presnyakovs in full force, my beloved Elena Yakovleva (thief), Moskvin, “Bravo”, even the robbed Raisa Maksimovna.

Also at the Rossiya Hotel at the same time, Israeli citizen Mikhail Agursky, who was tipped for the role of Israel’s first ambassador to the USSR, was killed. The killers are Orbakaite’s enemies: L. Leshchenko, D. Strakhov, D. Zhulin (already deceased). Agursky had 50 thousand dollars and a gold watch stolen. He was given injections during the attack, and the professor's heart gave out. Dima Malikov knows everything – he was on guard.


As is known in criminology, criminals have handwriting. So, this gang also has a handwriting. They continued to rob hotels – and from foreigners. The same ones – Shevyakov, Prokhorov, Malikov, Strakhov, Orbakaite, Baskov, Galkin, Menshova, etc. – participated in robberies in Moscow hotels from pop stars Richard Marx and CC Ketch (Orbakaite was especially interested in her – then, in the 1980s ), Claude Lelouch (according to Menshova’s stories) and... CATHERINE DENEUVE HERSELF – the queen of the French screen. [By the way, the deceitful – alas, Jew – Oleg Menshikov, Nikita Mikhalkov’s drinking companion, starred with her; the poor woman did not even know who he was].

Almost all of Deneuve's things were stolen – clothes, dressing gowns, perfumes and - most importantly – Cartier JEWELRY.

I was told that Shevyakov and the same cronies raided the house of Maria Vladimirovna Romanova (either in Spain or France). They, the Romanovs, have a jewelry collection, including a complete set of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called – it is all covered in diamonds. Maria Vladimirovna was intimidated. Malikov is silent, the bastard. He knows everything – Menshova knows everything too. And also Moskvin and other “specialists” on White emigrants who receive State Prizes from Mr. Putin for deceiving Russian emigrants.