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Aguzarova is known to all music lovers, especially those whose youth fell on the era of the “Vzglyad” TV-program. But Aguzarova, alas, has dark criminal plots associated with her.
Already in the late 1980s (more precisely in 1988), Andrei Shevyakov found out about Aguzarova. Since the late 1970s, Shevyakov has ‘worked’ with many stars in Moscow: A. Pugacheva, L. Leshchenko, the “Samotsvety” group... Now it was the Bravo’s turn. Shevyakov then lived in the city of Angren, Tashkent region. And Zhanna Aguzarova KNOWS this city. Shevyakov came to the Bravo concert in Tashkent in 1988 and even guarded Aguzarova somewhere in the hotel.
I don’t know the details of how she was drawn into the gang’s activities. But already in 1989, Aguzarova, along with everyone else, participated in the massacres of schoolchildren in the Summer Physics School camp in Tomsk. In Tomsk, many people knew Aguzarova – from the negative side: L. Dmitrieva, V. Pershin, A. Polishchuk, N. Kochkina, their friends, A. Mayofis, V. and Yu. Muchnik, TV-2 journalists... They also knew her in TSU dormitory No. 3 (history department, philology department), in particular Tatyana Zhukova, who could sing songs. Zhukova told me that Aguzarova was her fellow villager (in the Tyumen region), that Zhanna was bullied a lot in the village (for example, for some reason they put her in a barrel). I myself came across this Aguzarova in a hostel in 1989-90; other residents of that hostel also told me about her...
So, Aguzarova became addicted to drugs early on. And they need to be taken somewhere. The only source of drugs for her, Malikov, Orbakaite, Natalia Solzhenitsyna is the Prokhorov-Shevyakov gang... In Moscow, in the early 1990s, Aguzarova “became close” to Olga Neve (they now do not like or respect each other), another bandit (and child killer) from this gang, a neighbor of Alla Pugacheva herself.
Aguzarova was often involved in various bandit raids in Moscow. For example, she was taken to be killed in the village of Bobrenevo near Kolomna. Together with everyone else, she came to the actors' house on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment (this is a Stalinist high-rise building) to riot. There, in particular, Rimma Markova, Klara Luchko, Andrei Voznesensky and his wife lived – all of them are other victims of the gang. The gang brought already killed children to this house in bags. For what? Why? For some “ritual” actions, to scare someone. For example, they planted corpses there somewhere... Many more criminal secrets are connected with this house. Aguzarova knows them.
In general, Aguzarova received from the Prokhorovs the same thing as everyone else: gold, millions of dollars, diamonds, drugs, dismembered parts for food (cannibalism). They say that Aguzarova killed someone – she, too, “served Satan”... Aguzarova knows everything about the crimes of D. Malikov, K. Orbakaite, and other stars. Aguzarova was beaten, raped, and injected more than once... She had a fight with E. Khavtan a long time ago.
In the 21st century Muscovites took Aguzarova to raid Andrei Shevyakov himself in Orekhovo-Zuevo: internal gang warfare. Shevyak was robbed by his own people. And what did they steal? What Shevyak TOOK from Prokhorov. Shevyak does not have oil companies to acquire such treasures (and he is a big fan of diamonds and tchotchkes, a “farmazon” on a hairdryer). Shevyak was almost killed by his “friends”. Andryusha was offended and even very offended. This is a very cruel man, a sadistic maniac... A cannibal killer... One day he kidnapped Aguzarova in Moscow and brought her to him to punish her. For theft. Aguzarova looks like a gypsy thief. She is a thief. Andrei-Koshchei the Immanent stabbed her to death, tortured her like Polpot Kampuchea. She felt very bad. Almost killed her. He did this to many “actresses” – he especially loves torturing Kristina Orbakaite (she’s tired of it). In general, EVERYONE knows about this story and similar ones on the stage: Pugacheva, Malikov, Baskov, Galkin and endless names.
Aguzarova has specifics. It's not even that she's a drug addict and a lesbian. Aguzarova is not ethnically Russian. She is Ossetian. 90% of Ossetians are Muslims (only the remaining percent adopted Christianity). She treats Russians coolly (Russians are strangers to them), and vice versa. Some “Russians” – namely Larisa Egorova from Orekhovo-Zuevo (in reality, according to rumors, she is half-Jewish) – treat Aguzarova “like a Nazi,” that is, they hate her from a xenophobic position. Egorova is an absolutely sick, frostbitten criminal. Aguzarova KNOWS who she is, knows her address, her enemies and friends, her crimes... There is something to tell during the investigation.